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European statistics show that Powered-Two-Wheelers (PTW) road accidents are extremely high. During the last decade, ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS (ADAS) and IN-VEHICLE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IVIS) development is one of the main research areas of the automotive industry. However, the application of such technologies in motorcycles and even clean motorbikes (electric) is currently lacking behind and should be undoubtedly studied further. Therefore the aim of SAFERIDER is to study the potential of ADAS/IVIS integration on motorcycles for riders comfort and safety. ADAS consequently become ADVANCED RIDER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS (ARAS) and IVIS become ON BIKE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (OBIS).more ]

Latest News

Final Event and Demonstration of SAFERIDER Results

The SAFERIDER project presented and demonstrated the project results on November 5th in Birmingham (England) on MIRA premises and test track. Public and press were invited to see the latest technology and developments in motorcycle active safety systems!
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SAFERIDER succeeds at ICT 2010 Conference in Brussels (27.-29.09.2010)

The SAFERIDER consortium presented the ARAS, OBIS and HMI at the ICT 2010 conference in Brussels and gained a lot of attention with two PTW Demonstrators, interactable HMI Elements, 6 posters, flyer material and by talking, presenting and explaining the technology to the interested visitors. The SAFERIDER stand was highly ranked by the visitors and gained the third prize out of 200 stands on the ICT 2010 conference. Download press release and view photo gallery.

SAFERIDER Plenary Meeting in Florence (26.-27.06.2010)

The SAFERIDER consortium met at University of Florence for a plenary meeting. Pilot planning and Integration issues were discussed and defined. The final SAFERIDER demonstration event for public and invited guests shall take place on November 5th at MIRA in England. The event will be combined with the final project review.

SAFERIDER at final PISa workshop

We are happy and grateful for the invitation to the final PISa workshop on February 3rd in Helmond, Netherlands and for sharing our experiences and achievements with the community of PTW researchers. PISa (Powered Two Wheeler Integrated Safety) has been investigating active and passive safety on PTW in the last years. Technical Manager Roberto Montanari presented the SAFERIDER project to the invited experts.

SAFERIDER plenary meeting in Paris, France on 27.-28.01.2010

SAFERIDER developments of ARAS, OBIS and HMI Elements are fully achieved. The consortium met in Paris for discussing and planning the integration into the simulators and road bikes. Pilot plans were finalized, including the added lane change assistant function of the new SAFERIDER member Porsche Engineering.

SAFERIDER welcomes a new partner

SAFERIDER is happy and proud to welcome a new partner in the consortium. Porsche Engineering from Germany has been legally integrated into the project. Porsche Engineering will develop a further ARAS function: The Lane Change Assist for PTW. Thanks to the open SAFERIDER architecture the new function can still be fully integrated. Fraunhofer IAO will develop the adequate HMI for this function.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Padova

The SAFERIDER consortium met in Padova for ARAS and OBIS specifications and integration into simulators and road bikes. Uni Padova presented a hi fidelity motorbike simulator with HMI elements integrated. Speed Alert, Curve Warning and Frontal Collision Warning applications are implemented. The simulator will be used for the first HMI tests.

ADAS become ARAS and IVIS become OBIS

The SAFERIDER consortium officially introduces the terms of "advanced rider assistance systems" (ARAS) and "on bike information systems" (OBIS). After internally using the modified terms for some while SAFERIDER members now voted for consistently using ARAS and OBIS instead of the classical terms of automotive fields "advanced driver assistance systems" (ADAS) and "in-vehicle information systems" (IVIS). The new terms describe better the special features of motorcycle assistant systems.

SAFERIDER 7th plenary meeting in Santorin, Greece 18th and 19th of June 09

The SAFERIDER consortium holds its 7th plenary meeting in Santorin, Greece on 18th and 19th of June 09. Main topics are the finalization of architecture and preparation for pilots. Further the first HMI prototypes are presented and tested by the consortium members.

SAFERIDER Review in Brussels March 17, 2009

SAFERIDER presents its achievments of the first year in Brussels. The Project Officer and Rewievers attest SAFERIDER high quality management, dissemination and very promising first results. Mainly the integrated architecture and HMI concept and prototypes presented achieved approval from the commision.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Venice February 19-20, 2009

After one year the project has achieved the milestones and can even present first prototype versions of innovative HMI elements. The final architecture for SAFERIDER is ready and the project is already looking at the preparation of integration and pilot tests.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Stuttgart University of Stuttgart December 15-16, 2008

At the Meeting in Stuttgart workshops and status reports for each workpackage are conducted. Results of system architecture, integration issues and HMI planning are presented.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Reggio Emilia University of Modena and Reggio Emilia September 25-26, 2008

At the Meeting at Uni Modena and Reggio Emila status and next steps of each workpackage were presented and discussed. WP specific work-shops were held in order to plan details of the work in progress.

1st User Forum Meeting Brussels June 25, 2008

he Saferider User Forum received high attention. It was conducted in parallel to the FEMA Mep Ride 2008 Event. The objective of the SAFERIDER user forum was to discuss the application of the SAFERIDER technologies and the results of the project with key stakeholders. You can download the minutes and presentations held at the user forum here.


The SAFERIDER consortium developed a survey to ask for your personal opinion regarding new safety technologies in motorbikes. Please take the chance to overview the newest technologies that are discussed in research now and give your opinion in the survey. Update: The survey has been closed.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Milan May 30, 2008

YAMAHA invited to their premises in Milan, Italy for a joint technical meeting to address the current status of PTW (Powered-Two-Wheelers) ergonomic aspects. INRETS presented a benchmark study and organized the morning session. In the afternoon Fraunhofer IAO lead a discussion about the SAFERIDER HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) strategy.

SAFERIDER Meeting in Lyon March 31 - April 1, 2008

At the Meeting in Lyon Milestones status and next steps of each workpackage will be presented.

SAFERIDER Kick-Off Meeting in Thessaloniki January 16-18, 2008

The SAFERIDER project has officially started its activities with a kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki 16th - 18th January 2008. The main objective of the project is to study the potential of ADAS/IVIS integration on motorcycles for riders comfort and safety.