Deliverables name Leader Dissemination
1.1 Benchmarking Database INRETS / LESCOT PU
2.1 SAFERIDER System Architecture, subsystems specifications and preliminary Risk Assessment UNIMORE CO
3.1 Speed alert module MIRA CO
3.2 Curve warning module YAMAHA CO
3.3 Frontal collision warning module YAMAHA CO
3.4 Interaction support warning module UNIPD CO
3.5 Lane Change Support Porsche Engineering CO
4.1 eCall module PIAGGIO CO
4.2 Telediagnostics module METASYSTEM CO
4.3 Navigation & Route Guidance module AvMap CO
4.4 Weather, traffic and black spot warnings module METASYSTEM CO
5.1 HMI concepts and strategies USTUTT PU
5.2 HMI elements and modules PERCRO CO
6.1 Simulator demonstrators INRETS / MSIS CO
6.2 Vehicle demonstrators PIAGGIO CO
6.3 Technical verification test results MIRA CO
7.1 Pilot plans, tools and evaluation methodology UNIPD PU
7.2 Pilot results consolidation CIDAUT CO
8.1 Project logo, leaflets and posters CS PU
8.2 Dissemination strategy and actions CS PU
8.3 Project Video CS PU
8.4 Market report, impact assessment, socio-economic analysis and business scenarios CIDAUT CO
8.5 Exploitation plans PIAGGIO CO
9.1 Design guidelines, policy recommendations and future research roadmap BAST PU
9.2 Training curriculum and content CERTH / HIT RE
10.1 Project Presentation CERTH / HIT PU
10.2 Project Management, Quality Assessment plan and Ethics Manual CERTH / HIT RE
10.3 Final Reports CERTH / HIT CO