The adaptation and implementation of IN-VEHICLE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IVIS) as ON-BIKE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (OBIS) in PTWs may target the reduction of accidents. Such systems provide important information on weather conditions, as well as reducing obstructions through intelligent communication interfaces (i.e. use of mobile phones or mobile radio while driving).

The four OBIS functions selected and listed below have the highest impact for PTW safety and awareness:


The eCall system requires the capacity of PTW to detect and remotely provide information, as the location of a crash or fall.

Telediagnostics module

Telediagnostics services provide added value for the rider by monitoring constantly the use and functioning conditions of the vehicle.

Navigation & Route Guidance

Navigation & Route Guidance provides a key function for novice riders and tourist by integrating On-BIKE System and positioning data.

Weather, traffic & black spot warnings

This function will integrate the navigation system with weather, traffic and accident data, in order to warn the vehicle occupant about potential dangers along the route.